Mail & Packages


We know how important it is for you to stay in touch with your daughter while she is away for the month! Letters exchanged between parents and campers are a priceless element of the camping experience.

In addition to hearing your camper’s account of what’s going on at Camp, you may also want to look through photos of what’s been happening at Camp, which are posted every morning on the Camp website.

Below are some important things to keep in mind regarding ways to stay in touch with your DeSoto camper.

Snail Mail

Snail Mail is the best way to keep up with your camper while she is away. We love that girls get to practice the art of writing letters and the patience of waiting to hear from someone through the mail. Your daughter will want to receive a letter soon after her arrival - you may even want to mail her first letter at the Camp Post Office on Opening Day.

Mail is delivered to campers every day except Sunday and the 4th of July. Only flat, letter-size or smaller envelopes will be delivered through the Camp Post Office. Remember that we are giving girls the gift of simplicity, and a thoughtful letter from you is all she really needs.

Thick envelopes, large envelopes, over-sized cards, or lumpy envelopes will be discarded. Disallowed mail will not be delivered, returned to the sender, or given to the camper at the end of Camp.

We know that grandparents, other family members, and friends like to send camp mail, too! Please notify all possible correspondents of Camp’s mail and package policies.

Mail sent through the U. S. Postal Service should be addressed as follows:

Camper Name – Cabin
Camp DeSoto
P. O. Box 432
Mentone, AL 35984

Because Camp provides a much-needed break from technology, campers cannot send e- mail. Campers may, however, receive e-mail letters that are sent through your CampInTouch account. You can also create guest accounts for grandparents or anyone else you’d like to be able to send email to your daughter. These email messages are printed and delivered through the Camp Post Office every day except Sunday. (Camper email letters sent to will not be delivered.)

If you’d like to send an email to one of the Camp Directors, you can always reach Phil, Marsha, and Sarah at . This account is checked every day except Sunday.

International Mail

If you plan to travel outside the country while your daughter is at Camp, you may stay in touch by sending emails through your CampInTouch account. Campers whose parents are traveling overseas may send a scanned letter via e-mail three times each week.

International campers may receive e-mails sent through your CampInTouch account daily, and they can send one scanned letter via e-mail every day.

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Camp DeSoto has a strict no-package policy.

However, within the first week of Camp, you may ship or drop off forgotten items that cannot cannot be purchased in the Camp Store. These items will only be delivered if they arrive during the first week of the term.

U.S.P.S. Address

Camper Name
c/o Phil Hurt
Camp DeSoto
P. O. Box 432
Mentone, AL 35984

FedEx/UPS Address

Camper Name
c/o Phil Hurt
Camp DeSoto
264 Highway Above the Clouds
Mentone, AL 35984

Birthday packages from parents will be delivered to campers at store on their birthday. You can leave birthday gifts at Camp on Opening Day, or you can ship them. Either way, please make sure the package is clearly labeled as a Birthday Gift on the outside so we know what it is. The birthday girl will be asked to open the package with a counselor, and she will not be able to keep any items that are not allowed at Camp, such as candy or magazines.

Any package sent to Camp must be addressed c/o Phil Hurt. If your package arrives within the first week and is properly addressed, the forgotten items will be delivered to your camper at the Camp Directors’ discretion. Packages addressed directly to campers will not be opened and will be neither delivered nor returned.

Here are a few examples of what campers can receive in the mail


  • summer reading books
  • riding boots
  • goggles
  • tennis racquet
  • crazy creek
  • glasses

Not Delivered

  • costumes
  • eno hammocks
  • holiday decorations
  • stickers
  • photographs
  • food items

We also do not deliver items that can be purchased in the Camp store, such as stamps, stationery, batteries, toiletries, etc.

We want campers to have the things they need at Camp, and we also want them to enjoy living simply. Thank you for understanding this and for giving your daughter the gift of simplicity this summer.

Phone Calls

Parents may call the Camp office at any time during normal business hours (Mon- Fri, 9-5). For emergencies after hours or on weekends, please call Phil’s cell phone (205-902-9622). Because telephone contact negates the wonderful sense of removal that Camp provides, we do not allow campers to make or receive telephone calls at Camp, unless there is a serious situation at home (such as a death in the family) that parents would like to relay in person. That decision should be made with the Directors.

Campers who travel to and/or from Camp by airplane may store their cell phones in the Business Office until the end of the term. Their counselor will take care of this on Opening Day.

Campers found with a cell phone or using a cell phone (whether theirs or someone else’s) will be sent home at their parents’ expense and without refund. Campers consistently tell us they appreciate the removal of not having cell phones at Camp, and we know how tempting it might be to “bend” this rule if the consequences were not serious. We are stringent about our no-cell-phone policy because we know girls need and appreciate the protection it gives them.

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