Shipping Trunks & Duffels

Maybe your camper is flying to Camp and you’d like to ship her trunk and duffel to be here when she arrives. Or maybe you are going on vacation after Camp and want to ship some of her things straight home.

If you are considering shipping her trunk or duffel bag to or from Camp, here’s what you need to know.

Shipping to Camp

Trunks should be shipped to:

Camp DeSoto
264 Highway Above the Clouds
Mentone, Alabama 35984

Please display your camper’s name prominently on the outside of the box. If you are arriving by car, your camper’s items will be at the Belfry on Hut Row or the Green Mansion in the Enchanted Forest, depending on your daughter’s cabin assignment. One of the Trunk Guys (in dark green staff shirts) will be happy to deliver it to her cabin at your direction.

If your camper is traveling by plane or Camp bus, her luggage will be waiting in her cabin when she arrives.

Shipping Home

We save all large boxes in order to ship trunks and duffel bags home at the end of the month. If you would like your camper to ship any of her things at the end of Camp, please make this clear on her transportation form. You may also send us an email. It helps if you explain what you’d like her to ship in detail: what items, in what box, and to what address.
The cost of shipping her luggage home will be charged to your account, and you’ll receive an invoice at the end of Camp.

We are happy to provide this service for families. Please be mindful as you and your daughter pack for Camp that she will need to be able to repack all of her things at the end of the term in just the trunk and duffel she came with. If she is flying with her luggage and only allowed a certain amount on the plane, we can also ship home a (reasonably sized) box with any extras that just won’t fit. Please be mindful of this and let us know ahead of time if you think that will be necessary.