Camper Forms

As you can imagine, there are a few forms you’ll need to complete before your child comes to Camp. We will make all of these forms available to parents in the Spring.

You can access your camper’s forms by logging in to your account. Once you’ve logged in, click on “Forms and Documents” where you’ll find a list of all the forms your child needs for Camp this summer.

Cabin requests are due by April 1st.

All other forms are due by June 1st.

Physician’s Examination Form
(camper physical)

Please note that in order to comply with the standards of the American Camp Association, the Physician’s Examination Form must have a doctor’s signature within 6 months of the day your daughter will arrive at Camp.

Bunk Requests

You can update your camper’s cabin requests by completing this form. All cabin requests are due by April 1st.

Camper Agreement

Every camper must sign this agreement that she undersatands and agrees to live by the Camp guidelines. This is a great opportunity for you to go over the Camp expectations with your daughter.

Health History

This medical form can be completed by the parent and does not require a doctor’s signature. Please be thorough, and pay special attention to the “medication” section.

What to Bring

You can download this printable form to make packing a little easier. There is no action required - this is simply a handy check-list for when it’s time to pack her trunk!

Transportation Form

We will not require a transportation form this year. If you need to make arrangements for your camper to fly to Camp, please contact Bill Berry in the Camp Office.

Age Group Permission Forms

This form, required by the American Camp Association, explains the activities your child can choose from as well as the trips and experiences offered to her age group.

Release Waivers

If your child will be going on a rappelling, rock climbing, or other adventure trip you will need to sign a release of liability waiver for the adventure outfitters we partner with.

Camp Wear Store

Visit to purchase Camp DeSoto t-shirts, shorts, waterbottles, Crazy Creeks, and more! All orders placed before May 15th (First Term)/June 15th (Second Term) will be shipped to you. Orders placed after those dates will be delivered to your camper’s cabin on Opening Day!

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