About Us

Camp DeSoto is a Christian summer camp for girls on top of Lookout Mountain in Mentone, Alabama.

Girls ages 8-16 come to Camp DeSoto for a month in the summer to play outside, learn new skills, build lasting friendships, and rest in the safety of God’s love and Christian community.


Camp DeSoto offers girls the simple joys of childhood fun – from horseback riding through the woods and canoeing on Little River, to dance parties in whacky costumes and singing at the top of their lungs; from swinging on a rope swing and fishing off the bridge, to climbing to the top of the tower and acting on stage.

Camp DeSoto is a place where girls can play with abandon, settle into real friendships, and grow confident in themselves and the gifts God has given them.

For over 75 years, Camp DeSoto has provided a place where young girls can discover the depth of God’s love and the joy of belonging – belonging to each other and belonging to God. In a community of 225 campers and 70 staff members, girls get to practice friendship, forgiveness, celebration, and selflessness. Through the nurturing care of Christian counselors, girls experience love and selfless service in action. Over the course of the month together campers get to better know and fully embrace the expansive, transformative love of God.

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Camp DeSoto at a Glance

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Who We Are

Camp DeSoto is a month-long residential Christian summer camp for girls ages 8-16. It is directed by Phil and Marsha Hurt, along with their daughter, Sarah Hurt.


We are located on Lookout Mountain in Mentone, Alabama, about 90 miles northeast of Birmingham, AL and 45 miles southwest of Chattanooga, TN.


Camp DeSoto is accredited by the American Camp Association.


Camp DeSoto lies on approximately 185 acres of wooded property on the banks of Little River. Each camp term, we have about 225 campers and 75 Staff members.

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Camp DeSoto offers two sessions each summer, both lasting 26 days, and both for campers completing grades 2-10.

How to Apply

You’ll find everything you need to know about applying for Camp DeSoto right here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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