Specialty Staff

Specialty Staff at Camp DeSoto are adults who serve the Camp community as doctors, nurses, head counselors, or specialized activity instructors. These staff members provide stability, wisdom, and maturity in a community that consists primarily of children and college students.

Specialty Staff allow counselors to give the care, attention, love and enjoyment campers need by providing them support and guidance. As older adults in the community, Specialty Staff members’ maturity and wisdom provide a solid foundation for the care that Program and SERVE Staff give to children.

While specific tasks and responsibilities vary for each Specialty Staff member, their presence in and prayers for the community give it the depth and wisdom that make it a nurturing environment for everyone involved.

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Applicants for specialty staff positions must have graduated from college or receive special permission from the Directors, and first-time applicants must be available to attend Pre-Camp Training. Specialty Staff positions are available for varying lengths of time, usually from one week commitments to a full term, and are typically offered by the Directors. If you are interested in a Specialty Staff position, please contact Camp before submitting an application.

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