Camp Life

Laughter and conversations spill out of wooden cabins.

On Hut Row, front stoops filled with brightly-colored shower buckets and rain boots welcome cabin visitors, and screen doors slam as a girls scurry to their next activities. Around Camp, girls walk wooded paths carrying tennis racquets or goggles and holding each others’ hands.

A group of friends take turns swinging on the giant rope swing by the Gym, while others chat in the parlor nearby. Two girls in cowboy boots stop by the Camp Post Office to mail a letter home on their way to horseback riding. The Playfield is alive with a game of Ultimate Frisbee, and on the bridge to the Enchanted Forest, a counselor helps a trio of friends bait their fishing lines.

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This is Camp DeSoto – girls living outside, playing hard, making friends, and discovering God’s love.

If you are thinking about spending a month of your summer at Camp DeSoto, you are probably wondering what it will be like! From what your daily schedule will be, to where you’ll rest your head at night, you can find out about living at Camp by exploring this section of the website.

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