Camp Tours

We are excited to meet prospective campers and their parents (or reconnect with you!) and show you around Camp.

This is a fun opportunity to experience the beauty of Camp and learn more about what life is like as a DeSoto camper.

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Taking a tour is a great way to introduce your daughter to the idea of Camp - Camp for a month is a big concept, and it often helps to have a place she can visualize.

Where do you take a shower?
What are the Worship Rocks?
Where do I mail my letters?

These are the kinds of things it helps for girls to see and think about ahead of time! We would love to answer these questions in person, when we can show her her instead of just tell her about it.

As a parent, you’d probably like to get to know us and ask your own questions as well.

Camp tours typically last about 90 minutes (unless you’d like to keep it shorter, which we can certainly do.)

We will have a few key areas of Camp set up like they would be in a typical summer - a bed made in a cabin, a Dining Hall table set, activity areas prepared - so that girls and parents can get a true taste of Camp.

And after your official tour is over, you are welcome to stick around to swing on the big rope swing and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

If this is something you’d be interested in, please send an email to Kelsie to set it up.

Of course, we are happy to give a tour anytime! We are usually at Camp on weekdays and can plan to be around on a weekend if you let us know in advance. We like to prepare for your visit so you can catch Camp at its best!

Please call the office or email us to let us know when you’d like to head this way.