Meet the Staff

Camp DeSoto would not be what it is without a staff of strong women - and a few good men - to bring it to life! We are grateful to God for consistently providing a wonderful and nurturing Summer Staff each year, in addition to the few of us who work year-round in Mentone.

We hire a summer staff to fill about 60 college staff positions, 10-15 senior staff positions, and a support staff of locals who make up ouroffice, kitchen, maintenance, ane housekeeping crews. It is quite a team,and we are grateful for the many hands (and heads and hearts) that pull together to give children this nurturing, growing experience.

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Year-Round Staff

The Hurts have been a part of Camp DeSoto since 1987. Phil and Marsha co-directed Camp for over 30 years, and they recently passed the reins to their daughter, Sarah. You can learn more about the Hurt family here.

About the Directors

Madeline Camp

Madeline is the Office Administrator at Camp, and she is the voice of Camp DeSoto for anyone who calls the office. Madeline grew up in Fort Payne, Alabama, recently graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and is known for her can-do attitude and adventurous spirit. She has worked at DeSoto in the summers for several years, and we’re so glad to have her following in Bill Berry’s footsteps as the Office Administrator.

(Meanwhile our beloved Dr. Berry is living out his dream and moving to Mexico. We are so happy for him!)

Kelsie (Fennell) Tribble

Kelsie is the Assistant Director at Camp. She came to DeSoto for the first time as a counselor in 2010, and has continued to share her gifts with Camp over the years. She has been the Head of Horseback for several summers, as well as an Assistant Head Counselor. She worked in Greenwood, Mississippi as a speech pathologist before coming to work at Camp full time. Kelsie is married to Martin and they have two children, Louis (5) and Jane Heflin (3).

Kelsie handles all kinds of camp details, from Special Events and the summer program to interviewing and hiring staff. Her favorite camp sounds are the gravel crunching under girls’ feet as they walk quietly to Morning Watch and the last round of “Love the Lord your God” in the Dining Hall on Sundays.

Summer Staff

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Camp DeSoto hires approximately 50 college-age young women each summer. These staff members are the strength of Camp DeSoto, and they model love and service to campers each summer.

Camp DeSoto Staff are counselors in the truest sense of the word, offering campers their friendship, guidance, and nurturing care.

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We also hire around 10 Adult Staff members each term. These staff members serve as Camp Doctors, Nurses, Head counselors, Resident Artists, or activity specialists.

Adult Staff provide structure, stability, and support, enabling college staff to give themselves fully to campers.

DeSoto counselors are the heart of the Camp experience.

Explore the "Staff" section of our website to learn more about what we look for in the college girls we hire.

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My two summers as a DeSoto counselor were the most transformative summers of my life. I had camped for 9 summers, but my staff experience was completely different in the best way possible! At the end of staff training, I received my list of six 7th graders and knew none of their names, but I knew that I was called to love them. And that is what I did for the month! I loved and loved and loved again even on the days when it was hard, and I know that it was the Lord who allowed me to keep on loving.

Former camper, staff member for 2 summers
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