Cabin Requests

Cabins are an important part of the camp experience and are often where campers make some of their best camp memories! Although camp days are full of fun, planned activities, sometimes a girl’s favorite moment from the summer is the card game she played with her cabin mates on a rainy day or the dance parties that regularly broke out as they waited for the dinner bell.

You can submit or change cabin requests through the Cabin Requests form in your online account until May 1st.

Cabin life develops and enlarges one’s capacity to love and enjoy all kinds of people, to move beyond quick labels or assessments, to see the variety of gifts people have to offer, and to share oneself with all sorts of friends.

Through her cabin experience we hope each camper will realize her capacity to know and appreciate everyone in her cabin – those who are like her and those who are not, those she “clicks” with immediately, and those it takes a few days to warm up to.

Girls live in cabins according to the school grade they have just completed. If your daughter is in 5th grade when she applies, she will be a 5th grader at Camp.

Campers can make up to five cabin requests, and we will do our best to honor at least one of those requests per camper. Cabin assignments are made with regard to the good of the whole community, and we cannot guarantee any cabin requests. Cabin requests can be made (or updated) through your online account or by e-mailing before May 1st.

We want each girl to feel comfortable in her cabin, and we want girls to get the chance to share cabin life with their good friends. We also want girls to make new friends at Camp and learn to get along with a variety of people and personalities. To that end, we try to assign only two campers from one hometown to each cabin, and we try to mix friend groups.

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We have found that campers have a remarkable capacity to settle in with their cabin group, enjoy themselves, and share a good Camp experience with one another, even if it is not exactly the group they would have chosen for themselves. When a cabin doesn’t feel perfect at first, it is important for a camper to know that all she needs is time with the girls in her cabin, time to get to know her counselor, and before long she will feel like they all belong together.

Should you have any particular concerns regarding your daughter’s cabin assignment, please get in touch with Sarah.

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