Camp DeSoto Store

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Our camp store is always open! We’ll be getting new items for the 2024 season soon. You can place an order online at and we will ship your items to you for a flat rate.

Want to have your items waiting in your camper’s cabin? Please select “Deliver to my Cabin” under shipping options, and we will make that happen!

Opening Day T-Shirt

Every camper will receive an Opening Day t-shirt in the mail before Camp (usually in late May.) These t-shirts are a gift, and you will not need to order one! Please do make sure that your camper’s t-shirt size (as submitted on her application) is up-to-date. We’d hate to send her a t-shirt that is too small for her to wear to Camp! You can update her t-shirt size by calling the office or sending us an email.

Tribe Shirts

Each camper is required to have two tribe t-shirts. First time campers will be issued two tribe shirts (free of charge) when they are placed in a tribe. You do not need to order these items.

If your new camper would also like a tribe tank top, you will need to place an order for that. Just select “New Camper” as the tank top color, and we will make note of your order and issue her a tribe tank once she has chosen her new tribe. (If your camper has a sister, mother, or grandmother who is already in a tribe at Camp DeSoto and you know that she would like to be in that same tribe, you can simply purchase the appropriate color to be shipped along with the rest of your order.)

Returning campers who need to upsize their tribe shirts can ask a fellow tribe member for hand-me-down shirts or order new ones through the online store.

What if I’m not a current Camper or Staff member? Can I still shop in the online store?

Yes! You are welcome to purchase items to be shipped. We just ask for your patience with shipping times, particularly in the summer - Camp will always come first for us!

If you purchase a replacement 4-year ring or a Senior Sweatshirt, we will follow up to verify your camping years, as those items are special and reserved only for Camp DeSoto campers.

Can I add money to my camper’s store account?

No, and there is really no need to. As far as t-shirts and other Camp Wear, campers can only buy what is ordered for them ahead of time. If you would like to purchase a gift card, please send us an email and we will work that out!

Please note, the online t-shirt store is different from the daily canteen at camp that we call “Store.” Snacks at Store (after rest hour everyday) are included in tuition and campers do not need any money in an account to purchase those items. If a camper loses something, like a toothbrush, and needs to buy a replacement at Store, the cost of that item is covered. If a camper spends over $50 in charges, the overage amount will be billed to the camper’s account, however accruing an overage charge is highly unlikely.