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You’ve been waiting. The answer is finally here!

We are so excited for this new chapter in the long, rich history of Camp DeSoto, and we can’t wait to see how DeSoto girls weave these new names into the fabric of Camp life!

These names come from some familiar forest friends whose voices fill the woods at Camp each summer, inviting us to wake up and join the day. From the sweet four-note whistle of the Chickadee to the bright-throated song of the Cardinal to the loud, cleear call of the Blue Jay, each bird has a distinct voice. Their songs blend together in the most beautiful harmony in the trees above us, just like girls’ voices blend in beautiful harmony as they’re singing in the Dining Hall, cheering on their tribes, or laughing playfully together throughout Camp.

And of course these names bring to mind one of our favorite Camp DeSoto songs…

The birds in the treetops sing their songs, the angels watch over us while we play, the flowers they bloom all day long, so why shouldn't we praise God all day? (a boom boom boom)

We will continue calling these three groups “tribes,” and the officers will hold the titles of Head Blue Jay/Cardinal/Chickadee, Assistant Head, Songleader, and Assistant Songleader.

Because these names are the same numbers of syllables as their predecessors, they fit easily into the songs written by earlier generations of DeSoto girls. We created a songbook for each tribe - click on the link for your tribe to see how the new names sound in your favorite tribe songs. We’re pretty excited about how it works out!

Blue Jays, loyal we will be you’re placed among each memory…

In the red and white, we pledge our loyalty to the Cardinals…

Spirit of Chickadee ever burning deep in the heart of each girl…

In keeping with tradition, the staff will not compete against the other tribes. Rather, they will provide support and guidance to campers in all their tribe endeavors.

The staff will be known as the Wise Owls.

We need you, DeSoto girls of all generations, to help these new tribes display their colors with as much pride as ever! Send us your ideas for fun new songs, creative ways to mark each camper’s years at DeSoto at Opening Campfire, buttons for Tribe Choosing, and more!

We especially hope some of you will volunteer to create new tribe banners that can hang from the balcony during junior kickball games or be held high at the basketball court!

Tribes at DeSoto have always been a place of belonging and sisterhood, teamwork and give-it-your-all committment. We know that the tribes will continue to bring

  • Enthusiasm (Chickadees)
  • Sportsmanship (Blue Jays)
  • Loyalty (Cardinals)

And they will faithfully carry on the many wonderful traditions that have been passed down through the years. We look forward to seeing who the next generations of leaders will be, the creativity that pours forth for Tribe Day and Songfest, the athleticism that brings your tribe a victory, and the sisterhood that forms through the bonds of your tribe. The Spirit of Camp DeSoto lives on…

Spirit of Camp DeSoto teaches campers what they should know. Loyal, True, Good Sports, too - Spirit of Camp DeSoto.

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