Morning Watch 4/10/20

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Today is Good Friday.
Mary Cady Bolin joins us to talk about some of the last words Jesus said on the Friday when he was crucified.

“I thirst.” John 19:28

Today is a difficult day in the Christian life - a day to remember Jesus’s suffering and death. As we take the time to feel the heartbreak of that day - and indeed the heartbreak of everything in our lives that is not whole and beautiful and as it is meant to be - let’s remember Jesus’s human thirst.

He, too, felt what we feel. His story is our story. We are all in need of something. How comforting that Jesus knows exactly how that feels.

It is Friday - the day the worst thing happened.
We have to go through Saturday. We have to go through thinking it is the end.
And then - Sunday is coming.

Even on this hard and holy day, we hope you have a good day and give a good day.

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