Morning Watch 3/31/20

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Today’s Morning Watch is coming to you from Alice Aufdenberg deVries (and her husband Pete) who live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Alice and Pete have two 20-something year-old sons, Trum and Gene, so we are glad Alice gets to spend her summers with DeSoto girls!

Alice, a former DeSoto camper and counselor, is also a horseback rider, mountain biker, stillness-seeker, teacher, listener, and adventurer. She uses her gifts so well to walk alongside young people as they go deeper in their spiritual journeys. Thanks for speaking into our lives, Alice.

Pete is the artist in residence at Queens University in Charlotte. The violin he plays is more than 300 years old! Best of all, when Pete comes to visit Alice at Camp, he plays a Morning Watch concert for DeSoto girls in the gym. We look forward to it every year.

Today, they are sharing their gifts with you from their backyard in Charlotte, where the dogwood trees make it feel a bit like Camp. I hope you’ll find a moment of your day to spend with them in reflection and stillness.

Then, get your heartrate going with today’s line dance of the day: “Love Train” by the O’Jays!

Have a good day and give a good day!

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