I wanna go back...

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I wanna go back...

…to Camp Desoto!

I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Camp Desoto! I wanna go back to the camp I love,

  • Where we learn to use emotion, and on Tuesday we’ll cry oceans
  • Where we had Christmas in July, and we saw the Alpine guys!
  • Where Santa came at night, and we sang “I’m all, I’m all, I’m alright”
  • Where the sleigh bells fade away, and we’re not ready for closing day!
  • Where there’s always smiling faces, and always flowers in the vases!
  • Where Santa came in on a bike, and we’re sad to fly our kites!
  • Where our hearts are filled with glee, and we never want to leave!
  • Where we’ve camped for many years, through laughter joy and tears!
  • Where in order to feel gladness, you must also feel sadness!
  • Where we sang to boys at glee, and in Santa we believe!
  • Where Christmas makes us scream, and we’re all drama queens!
  • Where Santa came for a visit, and camp, we’re gonna miss it!
  • Where we met Kris Kringle, and after Glee Club, we’re still single!
  • Where we’re gonna shed some tears, because we hold our friends so dear!

…Take me back to Camp Desoto!

How sad we are that second term is coming to end! We’ve loved, laughed, grown and played throughout these happy days. Good growth has happened for campers and staff members alike on this dear mountain. As we wrap up the summer, we hope you all are singing, “take me back to Camp Desoto!”

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Mary Eveleen Brown

About Mary Eveleen Brown

Mary Eveleen is a long-time DeSoto camper and a veteran counselor. This summer she is the Head of Swimming and our digital media intern! Mary Eveleen is from Nashville, Tennessee and just completed her Junior year at Ole Miss.

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