I wanna go back...

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I wanna go back...

…to Camp Desoto!

I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Camp Desoto! I wanna go back to the camp I love,

  • Where we didn’t visit the water fountain, and “we went for a month into the mountain”
  • Where palooza was amusin’, and with boys we are groovin’
  • Where we miss Chick-Fil-A, but for Paula we say yay!
  • Where the river was a rush, and Alpine made us blush!
  • Where we danced the night away, and we taught the boys “Waka, waka, aye aye”
  • Where we got to see the boys, and can’t wait for Christmas joys!
  • Where we rafted down the river, and the rain made us shiver!
  • Where we rafted the Ocoee, and next it might be snowy!
  • Where we were awoken by a storm, and we really love the corn!
  • Where we want a doodle flute, and the boys really were cute!
  • Where the storm had us shakin’, and we really want some bacon!
  • Where we’re thankful for our friends, and we don’t want camp to end!
  • Where we went upside down, and the fish swam around!

…Take me back to Camp Desoto!

Week two at Camp Desoto has been a blast! From Palooza Day (backwards day), to the Alpine Dance, to Trip Day, we are having a ball atop Lookout Mountain! We are thankful for all the joy that camp has brought us so far, and we are excited for the fun that we still have left.

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Mary Eveleen Brown

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Mary Eveleen is a long-time DeSoto camper and a veteran counselor. This summer she is the Head of Swimming and our digital media intern! Mary Eveleen is from Nashville, Tennessee and just completed her Junior year at Ole Miss.

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