I wanna go back...

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I wanna go back...

…to Camp Desoto!

I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Camp Desoto! I wanna go back to the camp I love,

  • Where loyalty is key, and we can’t wait for glee!
  • Where Peter DeVries played violin and to our neighbors we are friends
  • Where rain helps make the flowers, and a firetruck gave us a shower!
  • Where Palooza day was cool, and we’re glad we’re out of school!
  • Where we had a busy week, and last night we were on fleek!
  • Where we had Desoto Palooza, and this morning got to snooza!
  • Where this week we did so much that a nap sounds really clutch!
  • Where we love the doodle flute, and trip day was a hoot!
  • Where on Palooza we got soda, and we’re loving “Camp Desotah”
  • Where the Chicks and Creeks are great and for the Kees we cannot wait!
  • Where we met our Alpine crush, but don’t tell anyone…Hush!
  • Where we love the Alpine service, and Alpine made us nervous!
  • Where we are halfway to the end and we are loyal to our friends!

…Take me back to Camp Desoto!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Camp Desoto and our many traditions, one of our favorite ones is singing in the dining hall on Sunday. Right after eating our favorite dessert of peanut butter and honey ice cream, each table writes a verse about this past week at Camp. These are the verses that the girls came up with this Sunday, and we are so happy to share them with you!

Just to catch everyone up, this week we had a full week of activities, special events and tribe days. On Monday, the Creeks presented us with their tribe day, based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Tuesday, we woke up and everything was backwards! Desoto Palooza is a crazy day where we start with dinner and end with a sunrise party. The next day, we all went to our normal activities, but then at assembly, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy surprised us by announcing that the Talent Show was coming to Desoto! Maisie White won first place, and all of camp was dazzeled by the dancers, singers and even saxophonists of our community!

We woke up a little early on Thursday for the long-awaited Trip Day! Each age group went to a different attraction throughout the southeast, from the Chattanooga Aquarium to the Nantahala River. The next day, the Chickasaw tribe presented Hansel and Gretel for the entire camp! On Saturday, we had another normal day of activities, getting to go to classes that we hadn’t been to in a couple of days due to all of our special events. However, that night, we danced the night away with our friends over at Alpine Camp for Boys! A long tradition at Camp Desoto, the younger boys traveled to Desoto, while the girls in grades 6th-10th went to Alpine for dinner and square dancing.

This week has been full, magical and fun. But we’re looking forward to all of the fun that is yet to come in week three of first term 2018!

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Mary Eveleen Brown

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Mary Eveleen is a long-time DeSoto camper and a veteran counselor. This summer she is the Head of Swimming and our digital media intern! Mary Eveleen is from Nashville, Tennessee and just completed her Junior year at Ole Miss.

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