Sundays to Savor

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Sundays at DeSoto are days to savor.

The pace around Camp is slower on Sundays. We are more settled in, and that gives us all a chance to relish what the day brings us - rest and rejuvenation, delicious meals, intentional time with our cabin and friends, a great big picnic, peaceful worship, and voices joined in beautiful harmonies.

Sundays at Camp are also designed to help us reflect on the week we’ve shared and look forward to all that is coming. A day to savor all that is good about Camp. This savoring is something you can just feel around Camp. Girls love Sundays, and I think it is partly because we take time to celebrate the good gifts God has given us and thank him for the many ways he’s showing us his love.

One of my favorite parts of our worship together are our morning prayers. A staff member prays these prayers for the whole community, and the rest of us join in on the refrain.

I’d like to share some of those morning prayers - they capture at least a taste of all that we are savoring as we worship God.

God, thank you for a week in which we’ve seen you walk before us, beside us, and behind us. For rescuing us, pursuing us, and guiding us through days of doubt, failure, challenge, and change. For giving us courage, joy, and hope through days of fun, achievement, adventure, and excitement.

Lord in your love, hear our prayer

Thank you for slamming doors, nights spent under the stars, stormy skies, dancing like no one is watching, and the bagpipes, saxophone, crickets, and toads that sing our nightly lullaby - the finest symphony on earth.

Lord in your love, hear our prayer

Thank you for when the dessert bell rings, for the opportunity to try new things, for leters in the mail, and for stories told and stories listened to.

Lord in your love, hear our prayer

Thank you for this morning’s chorus of quarters that jingle and jangle and mingle with voices raised high in praise. For the bright whites, braided hair, and brave souls that fill these pews.

Lord in your love, hear our prayer

As we approach a new week, make us sisters that serve in community and unity with each other and with you. Give us eyes to see your grace and gifts. Give us minds to know that no matter what happens, the morning still sings. And give us hearts not weighed down by fear, but filled with a hope that floats.

Lord in your love, hear our prayer

Because we are called to this mountain, because we are loved with a steadfast love, and because we are kept by you, a God who holds the whole world in His hands, give us the courage to safely step out of our comfort zones, give us laughter through tears, and give us praise hands continually raised to you.

Lord in your love, hear our prayer

  • These particular prayers were written by Cassie Felder, a wonderful junior counselor and the Head of Riflery.
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