DeSoto, D-E-S-O-T-O!

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Need a Monday pick-me-up? How about singing a Camp song or two?

One of the best things about Camp is that there are many generations of DeSoto girls, so here are two songs - one that current campers will recognize, and one that will delight those who came before them.

Down in ole Mentone there’s a camp for me.

DeSoto’s its name it’s the place to be!

Awesome counselors and activities -

Goin’ to Camp DeSoto, won’t you come with me?

DeSoto is the greatest,

And we will all agree,

DeSoto is the greatest

And best that will ever…

DeSoto, D-E-S-O-T-O, best camp that will ever be!

Current DeSoto campers - let’s bring back “DeSoto, D-E-S-O-T-O!” Isn’t it fun?

Happy Monday!

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Sarah Hurt

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Sarah Hurt is the Assistant Director at Camp and an eleven year-old at heart. A graduate of Wake Forest University, Sarah loves good stories, twinkling stars, and porch swings. When she’s not at Camp, Sarah lives in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, with her dog, Riley.

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