DeSoto, D-E-S-O-T-O!

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Need a Monday pick-me-up? How about singing a Camp song or two?

One of the best things about Camp is that there are many generations of DeSoto girls, so here are two songs - one that current campers will recognize, and one that will delight those who came before them.

Down in ole Mentone there’s a camp for me.

DeSoto’s its name it’s the place to be!

Awesome counselors and activities -

Goin’ to Camp DeSoto, won’t you come with me?

DeSoto is the greatest,

And we will all agree,

DeSoto is the greatest

And best that will ever…

DeSoto, D-E-S-O-T-O, best camp that will ever be!

Current DeSoto campers - let’s bring back “DeSoto, D-E-S-O-T-O!” Isn’t it fun?

Happy Monday!

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Sarah Hurt

About Sarah Hurt

Sarah Hurt is the Director of Camp DeSoto. She grew up playing in the woods of Lookout Mountain, swimming in Little River, and spending her summers as a DeSoto camper. She loves good stories, twinkle lights, her dog Riley, and Camp DeSoto girls most of all.

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