Pears, Please!

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While summer is certainly our favorite season, there are plenty of things to love about fall on Lookout Mountain - changing leaves, crisp mornings, evening campfires. It’s the perfect weather for hikes and hammock hangs. And this year, there is even more to love.

The Farm at Windy Hill harvested their first pears this month!

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The farmers planted fruit trees in the orchard two years ago, when the farm was first getting started, but those trees are still growing and will not produce fruit until a few years down the road. These beautiful green pears came from a tree that was already growing on the farm before it became Windy Hill. In a way, these pears are like a gift from the family who have loved the farm before we did.

Megan, Joy, and Trent got in the bucket of the tractor, and Brent lifted them up to reach high into the pear trees and harvest the sweet, juicy fall fruits. There were so many on just one tree! If you girls were still at Camp, we would all be enjoying a Windy Hill pear at Fruit today.

A couple of weeks ago, the campers in the cooking class at September Camp got to make delicious pear galettes with the farm-grown fruit. They prepared them with Tema in the farmhouse, then served them for dessert at lunch with scoops of vanilla ice cream. It may not have been peanut butter and honey, but it was definitely the next best thing!

P.S. Does anyone remember pear salad? The Camp DeSoto Dining Hall used to serve this southern dish with fried chicken for Sunday lunch. It consisted of a pear half served on a bed of iceberg lettuce, topped with mayonnaise, shreeded cheese, and a maraschino cherry!

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