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Ask any Camp DeSoto girl what the best part of Rest Hour is, and she’ll probably say, “Mail!”

We all love hearing the news from the places and people we love while we are away. And it’s pretty fun to tell them about the exciting things we’ve been doing at Camp, too! Bellies full of delicious food, we head back to our cabins eager for the day’s delivery. We settle in with a fan, our letters, and a stack of blank stationery and markers, ready to return the favor.

What do you like to hear about in the letters you get at Camp? What your dog has been up to? The score of your brother’s baseball game? That funny thing that happened to your friend while she was on vacation? And what do you write about? Your part in the Tribe Day play? The dance you and your friends made up during Cabin Clean-Up? The bull’s-eye you got in archery? Sharing our news with each other is one of the joys of friendship!

Welcome to the Camp DeSoto blog!

We are so excited to have a place to share Camp news with you! Like getting letters at Camp, we hope it will be a “bright spot” in your day.

We’re looking forward to sharing what’s happening around Camp, things we’re thinking about, and fun memories that make us smile - you never know what the day’s mail will bring!

Happy Rest Hour!

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Sarah Hurt

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Sarah Hurt is the Director of Camp DeSoto. She grew up playing in the woods of Lookout Mountain, swimming in Little River, and spending her summers as a DeSoto camper. She loves good stories, twinkle lights, her dog Riley, and Camp DeSoto girls most of all.

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