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Hey Camp DeSoto girls! Lately, Phil and I (and sometimes Marsha and Nicole) have been traveling around the southeast to tell girls about Camp DeSoto and why it’s a great place to spend a month of the summer. We always say that we have the best job in the world – we get to spend our summers at Camp, and we get to spend the rest of the year telling people about Camp and why we love it!

We love meeting new girls and watching their faces as they see the photos of Camp and hear about what a DeSoto summer is like. Watching the excitement grow is so much fun for us! It gives us a glimpse into that feeling of discovering Camp DeSoto for the first time. Phil says that when he first heard about Alpine, all he could think was, where has this been all my life?!

We hope that girls who come to a Camp DeSoto slideshow feel the same way.

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Watching a girl’s face light up with curiosity and wonder, and hearing her tell her mom, “I want to go!” is one of the best feelings. It gets us thinking about all the fun she’s going to have, the new and exciting things she will experience, the friends she’ll make, and the memories she’ll take home. It doesn’t get much better than that.

On top of all that fun, we also get to see a lot of current DeSoto campers! It feels like a mini reunion in each city we visit, and we love getting to catch up with girls and hear about their lives during the school year. Sure, you can follow friends on social media and keep up with what they’ve been up to, but there’s nothing like getting to hug each other’s necks and catch up on each other’s stories face-to-face!

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We are so interested to hear about how school is going, what sports you’ve been playing, the experiences you’re looking forward to, and how you are doing. We feel like we get to know another side of you when we travel to your town and meet your people, and that’s just a lot of fun.

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Camp in October

Sometimes we miss Camp (just like you do), but Camp is only as much fun as the people who fill it up! We are glad we get to travel around this time of year to catch up with friends and meet new Camp DeSoto girls to welcome to our Camp family. If we’ve already seen you, know that you made our day! And if we’re headed your way soon, we can’t wait to catch up.

Want to know where we’ll be when? Have a friend you’d like to introduce to Camp? Check out our travel schedule here.

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Sarah Hurt is the Director of Camp DeSoto. She grew up playing in the woods of Lookout Mountain, swimming in Little River, and spending her summers as a DeSoto camper. She loves good stories, twinkle lights, her dog Riley, and Camp DeSoto girls most of all.

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