I Wanna Go Back...

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I wanna go back...

…to Camp Desoto!

I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Camp Desoto! I wanna go back to the camp I love,

  • Where camp has just begun, and so far it has been fun!
  • Where we live in community, and on Sunday we sing in unity!
  • Where our fingers we are lickin’ after eatin’ delicious chicken!
  • Where the schedule is confusing, and the sermon was amusing!
  • Where we laugh and play all day even if the sky is grey!
  • Where we chose activities, and we love the summer breeze!
  • Where the fun has just begun, and SERVE staff is number one!
  • Where we love peanut butter and honey, and we are super glad it’s sunny!
  • Where it’s been a little damp, and we’re glad to be at camp!
  • Where we need our shower caddies, and God is our daddy!
  • Where no one wants to sweep, and Phil said “She’s a Creek!”
  • Where we chose activities, and we asked our parents to leave, please!
  • Where we are all moved in, and can’t help but grin!

…Take me back to Camp Desoto!

Second Term is off to a wonderful start! These are the verses that our creative campers wrote on Sunday in the dining hall. We’ve got some happy campers up here on the mountain! Check back here throughout the month to see what the Camp Desoto girls are up to this month.

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Mary Eveleen Brown

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Mary Eveleen is a long-time DeSoto camper and a veteran counselor. This summer she is the Head of Swimming and our digital media intern! Mary Eveleen is from Nashville, Tennessee and just completed her Junior year at Ole Miss.

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