I wanna go back...

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…to Camp Desoto!

I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Camp Desoto! I wanna go back to the camp I love,

  • Where we’re trusting in our Lord, and at camp we don’t get bored!
  • Where camp has just begun, and we’re ready to have fun!
  • Where God is our friend, and we don’t want camp to end!
  • Where friends are quickly made, and we are really glad we stayed!
  • Where the Mentone Musical helped us choose our schedule!
  • Where we learned about Abraham, and Waka Waka is our jam!
  • Where we’re thankful for cold water and we’re best friends with the father!
  • Where We’re all in this together, and friendships last forever!

…Take me back to Camp Desoto!

We’re having a great first week up here at Camp Desoto! Check back on this blog all summer to read updates on what the Camp Desoto girls are up to!

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Mary Eveleen Brown

About Mary Eveleen Brown

Mary Eveleen is a long-time DeSoto camper and a veteran counselor. This summer she is the Head of Swimming and our digital media intern! Mary Eveleen is from Nashville, Tennessee and just completed her Junior year at Ole Miss.

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