I wanna go back...

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I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Camp DeSoto!
I wanna go back to the Camp I love…

… where we flew in with Peter Pan and we live with raised praise hands

… where we play & play & play and raise praise hands all day

… where we’re all brand new and a little bit confused

… where this table of foodies loves our “kitchen cuties!”

… where we chose our perfect tribe and we’ll stand by their side

… where opening party was so fun and we’re glad Camp has begun

… where the doxolgy we sing, praising God in everything

… where we’re happy to be with friends so we raise up our praise hands

… where here at DeSotoland we know we’re in God’s hands!

… take me back to Camp DeSoto!

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Sarah Hurt

About Sarah Hurt

Sarah Hurt is the Director of Camp DeSoto. She grew up playing in the woods of Lookout Mountain, swimming in Little River, and spending her summers as a DeSoto camper. She loves good stories, twinkle lights, her dog Riley, and Camp DeSoto girls most of all.

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