Visiting Your Camper

Considering a Visit

  • Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic

A month can seem like a long time for a girl to be away from her parents (and vice versa). Sometimes, parent visits are more reassuring to the parent than the camper. Once a child is settled into Camp and has begun to feel safe in the context of a new community, seeing her parents can be unsettling and make her want to go home, even if she has been enjoying camp! We just ask you to consider whether a visit will enrich her camping experience and contribute to her growth, or whether it may undermine it.

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One of the great benefits a girl receives from a residential camping experience is natural growth in self-confidence and independence. While visiting your daughter at camp may seem like a good way to help her ease into this independence, it can often disrupt the very growth that you want for her. We do allow one visit during the term, either by parents or grandparents. But we ask you to thoughtfully consider the way a visit will affect your camper’s experience at DeSoto before promising or planning a visit.

Planning Your Visit

If you do choose to visit your daughter, visitation is open during Rest Hour the third week of each term:

  • First Term Visitation: No visitor days due to COVID-19

  • Second Term Visitation: No visitor days due to COVID-19

You should plan to arrive at Camp by 2:00 pm on the day of your visit. Your camper will receive a note in the mail asking her to come to the Log Cabin Office to greet her visitors, and you will be able to spend all of Rest Hour together. At 3:00, you may may greet her friends and counselors at Store. All visitors will be asked to leave by 3:15 so that girls can get to their 4th period activities on time.

If you visit on a Sunday, you’ll want to arrive by 3:30 pm. You’ll be able to visit with your camper until 4:45 pm.

In order to minimize disruption of the Camp program and protect campers, there are a few visitation guidelines we ask you to follow:

  • Stay on the Gym Lawn during your visit, and do not go into the Cabin areas or other parts of Camp. Remember that the rest of Camp is enjoying Rest Hour during this time, and loud noise will carry.
  • Campers may only receive visits from parents or grandparents. No visits will be allowed from family friends, boyfriends, or siblings unaccompanied by parents.
  • Do not bring your camper any food, drinks, or other treats that are otherwise not allowed at Camp.
  • Campers should not use a cell phone or any other electronic device during a visit. If you want to show your camper pictures, please print them before you come.

To arrange a visit, please email or call the Business Office and ask for the Camp Hostess. She will check the Camp schedule to make sure your daughter will be available on the requested date and make your reservation accordingly.

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