Job Descriptions for Camp DeSoto Staff

Mission Statement

The mission of Camp DeSoto is to provide a place where a girl can play and have fun in the truest and best sense; a place where she will learn better how to give and receive in relationships; a place where she can feel that she belongs. We want each camper to become better at responding to the unpleasant and difficult experiences that are an inevitable part of life, to grow in her own independence, and to develop in her understanding and appreciation of who she is. More than anything, we want her to be confident of God’s love for her as an individual.

Camp Goals:

At Camp DeSoto, it is our goal to aid each camper in developing her relationship with God, her sense of worth, her skills in activities and relationships, and her capacity to accept and love others in a peaceful, safe, and nurturing environment.

Essential Functions:

Physical Ability: Tasks require the ability to exert physical effort in moderate work that may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects of moderate weight (5-30 pounds), walking for prolonged periods of time, and travel to various locations.

Sensory Ability: Some tasks require the ability to perceive and discriminate colors or shades of colors, sounds, taste, odor, depth, texture and visual cues or signals. Tasks require the ability to communicate orally.

Environmental Factors: Performance of essential functions may require exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, humidity, rain, or temperature extremes.