The SERVE Staff are an integral part of the overall ministry and mission of Camp DeSoto.

Through the behind-the-scenes work they do each day, SERVE staff provide Program Staff the freedom to give their time and energy directly to campers.

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SERVE Staff consists of 10-12 college girls each term who live together in a camp cabin and are led by the Head of SERVE Staff and the Food Service Director. We enjoy three family-style meals each day at Camp, and SERVE staff makes this possible by setting each table with individual place settings, delivering platters of hot food to each table and serving refills, cleaning up the Dining Hall after every meal, and helping pack and serve food for Special Events and Out of Camp Trips. SERVE Staff may also assist with teaching one activity period each day.

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While all Camp DeSoto staff members practice service, the SERVE staff get to live this out in the most disciplined and visual way. By watching SERVE Staff do the challenging and repetitive work of facilitating family-style meals in the Dining Hall, campers can see and connect with service in ways they are not as quick to recognize in their cabin counselors. SERVE Staff provide campers with a tangible example of the kind of selfless service, generosity, humility, and patience we hope that all campers will learn to embrace as they grow deeper in Christ.

Camp is such a large part of my life and I am so thankful I got to help make it a special place for campers. Y’all have taught me so much about the Lord, living in community, and finding the good in everyone. Thank y’all for listening and respecting my ideas. Y’all always encourage me and lead me in such a positive light… Thank y’all for believing in me and trusting me with these girls. Camp is truly my home away from home.

– Staff member for 2 summers

While the SERVE Staff live on a different schedule than the rest of Camp, they are actively included in the larger community. As a part of Staff, they share friendships with Program Staff and care for campers through prayer in Staff meeting each day. They participate in most all-camp events, such as Morning Watch, Sunday worship, certain activities, Special Events, and all-camp meetings.

SERVE Staff also have a unique opportunity within the community to build relationships with the Kitchen Staff and the farmers at Windy Hill.

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