Camp Pics

The Camp Photographer stays busy trying to capture all the fun that is happening around Camp! Photos are posted daily (except Sundays) to give parents a glimpse of what girls are up to and how much fun they’re having. To view photos of what’s happening at Camp, simply log in to your account. All images can be purchased as either prints or digital downloads.

Already have an account? Check out today’s photos by clicking the link below.

Get in touch to request access to the Camp pics as a friend of Camp.

Guest Accounts

Camper parents may create guest accounts for grandparents or others who may want to see pictures from Camp. If you are a relative or close friend of a Camp DeSoto camper and you are interested in viewing the photos from her session, ask her parents to create a guest account for you. That way you’ll be able to see the fun and order prints.

If you are a Camp DeSoto alumna, an interested Camp family, or a friend of Camp in some way, you may contact Camp to request access to view the summer photos. We want you to see the fun, too! (You will able to view images, but you will not be able to purchase prints or digital files.)

Protecting the Camp Experience

Camp pics are a great way for parents to see what is happening at Camp, and they provide the chance for girls to preserve their memories after the summer ends. While girls are at Camp, however, we’d like them to be able to focus on and enjoy the present moment, without so much awareness of how the moment will be preserved in photos.

With that in mind, we ask that you resist sending campers photos via mail or e-mail while she is at Camp. Seeing Camp pictures while still in Camp tends to disrupt the sense of removal we’d like to give girls from the culture of “posing and posting” that we are all so used to.

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