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Registration for Summer 2017
  • Early registration for returning and wait-listed campers began on September 28, 2016.

  • New camper registration began on October 10, 2016.

  • We now have a waiting list for both sessions. You may still apply, but you will likely be placed on the waiting list and may not get into either session for summer 2017. However, signing up for the waiting list does allow you to have access to early registration for summer 2018!

Apply online! Complete and submit a web application by selecting the link below.

Would you prefer to submit a paper appliccation by mail? E-mail us and we’ll send you one today!

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Registration Policies

All applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is determined by age group and hometown, in addition to overall capacity. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your camper has been accepted and confirmed.

Deposits & Payment Schedule

Each camper application must be accompanied by a deposit payment of $825. You may pay with a credit card online or by calling the Camp Office. You may also mail a check. Please note that no application is considered complete until we have received both the application and the $825 deposit payment. After enrollment, the deposit less a $100 application fee is refundable until February 1st.

A second payment of $825 is due on February 1, 2017. This amount is refundable through April 30. The final balance of $2900 is due on May 1, 2017. There is no refund for cancellations after May 1st.

The Waiting List

If an applicant is placed on the waiting list, you will be notified by e-mail after submitting her application. We will hold her application and deposit fee until a space opens up. In the unfortunate event that an opening does not become available before camp begins, the deposit will be returned in full and the camper will be invited to take advantage of the early registration period for summer 2018.

If you have any other questions about registration, please e-mail or call the Camp Office at 256-634-4394.

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